SolarEdge products help companies of all sizes move to profitable and clean renewable energy.  Using their commercial solar solutions, we can deliver a broad range of applications such as:

  • Commercial rooftops including carports, shopping centres, and hotels
  • Industrial rooftops including manufacturing sites, factories, and cold storage facilities
  • Public premises including schools and universities, municipal buildings and hospitals
  • Agriculture

Why SolarEdge?

SolarEdge enables more energy generation from each solar module by mitigating power losses that result from mismatch between modules. With SolarEdge, weaker modules do not affect the performance of strong ones. The SolarEdge system is future proofed against potential risks that can cause decreased lifetime energy production.

Compliant with the most advanced safety standards, SolarEdge’s SafeDC™ feature is designed to de-energize the solar array to a safe voltage whenever the inverter or grid is shutdown, protecting your property as well as installers, electricians, and firefighters.