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CapEx for Solar Panels

Invest cash to secure your energy future

The easiest and cheapest way to fund your renewable energy solution is with cash.  From the outset, you will have full ownership of the solar asset, avoiding additional costs through interest accumulated via loans and allowing you to capitalise straightaway on your investment.  

Supplementary benefits are available for businesses that opt to pay upfront for their solar PV system, such as, taking advantage of The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA).  The AIA allows you to deduct the full value of an item that qualifies for an annual investment allowance from your profits before tax is applied.  This is currently capped at £1 million per tax year.

For example, if a business were to invest ready cash into a solar project with a value of £300,000, the potential tax reduction could mean a saving of up to £60,000, providing the business had profits to offset and they are a taxpayer at a rate of 20%.

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