About Us

Working to reduce your energy costs

Harvest Green Developments Ltd (HGD) was established in June 2018 by Directors Samuel Brown, Wouter Van Assche, and Peter Van Assche. We are committed to providing the very best energy efficiency solution for our customers. We predominantly work with businesses, schools, and councils advising and implementing a renewable energy solution that will significantly reduce their ‘forever’ increasing energy costs.

HGD specialise in commercial & industrial (C&I) Solar PV Lease & Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) transactions. Our shareholders collectively have 20+ years’ experience with in the Solar PV industry, successfully constructing, operating, and owning Multi MW’s of Solar PV projects.

Our approach

HGD offer a free energy audit whereby we assess the efficiency of your building taking into consideration the fabric of the building, electricity load profile, and heat demand. Once collating and analysing the data, we will then provide a report that advises on how to increase the efficiency of your building and options on how to financially implement the recommended measures.

Committed to quality

HGD have 3-4 years’ experience of operating and maintaining funded Solar PV installations all over the United Kingdom. We would fully advise on ensuring we install the very best products and installation services on the market. Renewable Energy tends to be a long-term investment therefore we advise on investing into quality, we live by the saying ‘you pay for what you get!’