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Solar for Business

Powering your business

Whether it is utilising roof or ground space of your company’s premises, solar for business or solar PV panels can be installed to generate cleaner electricity to power the growing needs of your business.

Through an initial consultation, we can assess your current and future energy demands to develop a suitable renewable technology solution which will help to offset how much electricity you need to buy in from your supplier.   

Our consultative approach and commitment to delivering high quality solar PV installations will ensure that your system fully complies with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, also known as CDM 2015.

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Why invest in solar?

Solar panels are one of the most reliable renewable technologies when it comes to continued performance and long-term longevity.  Their affordability and ease of installation, makes solar the most logical renewable energy solution for most businesses in the UK.  

Due to the huge volatility within the energy markets, there has never been a better time for businesses to make use of their roofs and land to generate their own electricity and therefore reduce, not just their energy costs, but also their dependency on importing from the grid.  By investing in solar, companies across the country can take control over their energy consumption without compromising on other aspects of their business.  

Pressure is mounting on businesses alike to reduce their carbon footprint, emissions, and their overall environmental impact on the planet.  The COP26 conference in 2021 saw government and industry leaders come together to agree on pledges to tackle the climate emergency.  Net-zero needs to be the focus for all organisations and for most, this means decarbonising by 90-95%. Investing into one of the most reliable renewable technologies will propel your company’s green status to the forefront, highlighting to your customers and supply partners that you’re actively taking steps in the fight against climate change.

So how can we establish the best solution for your organisation?

We will start with an initial discussion to ascertain your company’s current and future energy demands, as well as exploring spaces available at your premises that could be potentially used for a solar PV panel installation.  Through this consultation stage, we will then design and calculate a suitable renewable energy package that offers you the best financial return, as well as the best possible reduction on your carbon emissions.  

Rooftop, ground mounted, car parking spaces, solar panels can be deployed just about anywhere and for any type of business.  During the pre-construction phase of your project, we will conduct thorough site surveys to establish the correct fixing method, design of solar panel arrays, and electrical connection.





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Make money from the solar energy that you don’t use

There will be times when your solar PV system will generate more electricity than your company needs, the good news is that you can make money from this too.  Surplus electricity is sent back to the national grid and just in the same way that you get billed from suppliers for your energy usage, you can sign up to export agreements with suppliers to sell your electricity back to them.




Thinking about the future, not just today.

As with any technology, the more a solar PV system is cared for, the longer it will last and the more your investment is protected.  We offer a wide range of monitoring options that can be implemented during the construction phase, including optional extras that can allow the safe access to the solar panel array long after energisation, for example, permanent roof edge protection, man-safe solutions, and access ladders.  This means that any future maintenance, such as cleaning the solar panels, can be made safely and easily without causing any disruption to your business.

If you opt for certain renewable energy technologies, for example, SolarEdge inverters and solar storage batteries, then you will benefit from remote monitoring, whereby you can view your energy generation anywhere, anytime.  Our team will also monitor your solar PV system long after it has been constructed to ensure its continued performance and therefore, helping to further protect your investment.

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