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EV Charging Point Installation

EV Charging Point Installation for Business or Home

The electric vehicle revolution is well underway, as transport powered by renewable energy is now more readily available than ever before.  This has led to an increase in demand for EV chargers across the country.  

Currently, there are four different categories of EV chargers, Standard, Fast, Rapid, and Ultra-Rapid, which vary in charging times from an average of 14 hours to 15 minutes, depending on mileage range and storage capacity.

The Importance of making the EV Charging Point decision

Due to their low rating and longer charging time (on average up to 14 hours), the Standard range of EV chargers are typically more beneficial for residential properties or long-stay car parks, where a vehicle is expected to be plugged in for a long period of time.  This type of EV charger uses minimal electricity to charge, quite often this is around the same energy it takes to boil a kettle and as such, they can usually be installed without requiring any additional upgrades to the existing electrical network.  

The Fast range of EV chargers have an average charge time of up to 6 hours and are therefore, normally installed at company premises or shopping centres, where people typically send up to 6 hours in the same location.  

With a much faster charging time of up to 60 minutes, you’re more likely to see the Rapid EV chargers installed at motorway services or dedicated EV charging stations, making it ideal for drivers who need the occasional charge during a short break.  Rapid charges need a much larger energy capacity to deliver the quicker charge, therefore, it is likely that upgrades to the existing electricity network will be required to accommodate the additional load.  

EV Charging stations

Why Choose Harvest Green Developments for Commercial EV Charging Point Installation?

The good news is that our team have extensive experience in securing the required approval permissions from the national grid, as well as, designing solutions that both minimise upgrade expense and maximise connection capacity, so you can be confident that Harvest Green Developments can make your project become a reality.

The fourth category of EV chargers offers the fastest charge to date.  At less than 20 minutes, the Ultra-Rapid charger aims to rival the filling up time of traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.  Since these chargers demand a high energy capacity, they typically require their own independent transformer to facilitate a connection at High Voltage.  

EV Charging Point

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