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PPA for Solar Panels

Greater financial flexibility through Power Purchase Agreements


Power Purchase Agreements, commonly known as PPAs, are a popular and effective method for businesses to go solar without the need for any capital expenditure.

Unlike many of our competitors who use a third-party PPA provider, Harvest Green Developments can fully fund the supply, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of the entire renewable energy package, which means you benefit from a more streamlined and efficient service under the management of a single company.  

In recent years we have helped many businesses, schools, and councils to secure their energy independence through our competitive Power Purchase Agreements, allowing them to achieve their environmental goals without having to invest their own capital. 

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So how does a PPA work?

Entering into the Power Purchase Agreement with us means that Harvest Green Developments becomes your new electricity provider on a 20–25-year lease in exchange for us using your company’s rooftop or ground space to build a solar PV system.  Responsibility for funding the construction and maintenance of the solar array will remain with us throughout the term of the lease, so there is no capital expenditure required or expected from your company.  

The electricity generated via the solar array will be prioritised for use by your company, allowing you to reduce your carbon emissions and boost your environmental status.  This electricity will be sold to you at a much cheaper rate than your current electricity supplier, which will see up to 40% savings on your energy bill.  

Our energy price is linked to Retail Price Index (RPI), which inflates at a rate far below the average electricity price inflation.  Currently, our PPA rate is fixed at 3% inflation.

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What happens if you decide to move premises?

Our PPA leases are fully transferable to the incoming landlords, so you can relocate your business with confidence.