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Monitoring & Targeting

View all of your utility data in a central location accessible anywhere through our web portal

With our market-leading energy management software, you can easily view all of your consumption data in a central location accessible anywhere through our web portal. The software can be utilised to monitor all types of utilities including, Electricity, Gas, Water, Solar PV, Solid Fuel, LPG, Biomass and more. You’ll have the ability to customise the software to create an insightful and visually appealing dashboard that suits your needs.

Dependent on your specific requirements, you can tailor the dashboard to provide you with instant information such as Cost, Consumption and Carbon over a specified period.  You can quickly see how you’re performing against targets, where your usage hot spots are, regression analysis, degree day normailsation and much more.

You have the ability to drill down further into each meter and can utilise custom reporting or configurable widgets.

Interrogate your power profile in detail including items such as; kVa, Load Factor and Power Factor. How close do you come to reaching your maximum allowed capacity?

Are you likely to go over the agreed capacity and suffer potentially serious consequences or alternatively are you paying for kVa you don’t need?

Utilising the software effectively will enable you to swiftly identify usage anomalies so you can target areas where efficiencies can be achieved.

For a less labour-intensive approach, you can easily set up customisable alarms based on either static or dynamic targets and let the software alert you to anomalies.

If you’re managing a number of sites and want to compare one sites performance against another/all others, you can create league tables which can compare different sites against each other allowing for adjustments based on defined metrics such as square footage/ employee numbers etc.


Monitoring & Targeting

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