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Project overview

We’re excited to announce our latest project for MTS Cleansing Services LTD, a commercial business within the wastewater treatment industry. Having grown from serving local domestic customers with one van, MTS is now recognised as the leading waste management and recycling company in the UK. 

Our aim is to help them maximise their prospective energy savings by installing energy saving equipment. This project will see us installing a rooftop solar PV system, including 1032 x Trina 420W modules mounted upon Antai kit and coupled up with 4 x Solis 100K-5G-PRO-DC inverters. 

With this solution, we estimate a generation of approximately 384,000 kWh/PA, of which we expect the customer to use around 50% and export 50%. This installation will not only help MTS to reduce their electricity bills but also contribute towards a greener environment.

The installation is sized at 433.44kWp. This will generate significant environmental benefits for MTS, as it is estimated to result in an approximate reduction of 74,231kg/PA of CO2 emissions; that’s the equivalent of 4500 trees being planted.

We began this project at the beginning of July, and are eager to see the commissioning date happen at the end of this month. 


The wastewater treatment industry can have significant environmental impacts. Wastewater Treatment Plants can consume substantial amounts of energy, primarily to power the equipment used in the treatment process. This energy consumption leads to increased greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.

Install type

Rooftop Solar PV


1032 x Trina 420W modules installed upon Antai mounting kit and coupled up to 4 x Solis 100K-5G-PRO-DC inverters.