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Solar for your home

Take control of your energy costs

There has never been a better time than now to invest in solar PV panels.  Recent years have seen the price of energy rise dramatically with experts predicting that it is set to continue rising in the future.  By utilising your roof space, you will generate your own electricity, which will see substantial savings on your annual electricity bill (as much as 29% in some cases), as well as cutting down on your reliance on the national grid.  

We have a wide range of renewable energy technologies that can complement your solar PV system, such as, EV charging and solar storage batteries, allowing you to maximise the green potential of your home.

Make money from the solar energy that you don’t use

There will be times when your solar PV system will generate more electricity than your home needs, the good news is that you can make money from this too.  Surplus electricity is sent back to the national grid and just in the same way that you get billed from suppliers for your energy usage, you can sign up to export agreements with suppliers to sell your electricity back to them.

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Creating a sustainable future with solar energy

Perhaps more important than any monetary saving though, is the positive impact solar energy can have in our fight against climate change.

Pressure is mounting on consumers to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy this Earth as we have and as such, we must all do what we can to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.  

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and least-disruptive forms of renewable energy available and is a crucial part of our transition to greener power sources, helping to ensure we care for our planet.

Solar panels are also one of the most reliable forms of renewable technology when it comes to continued performance and long-term longevity.  Their affordability and ease of installation, makes solar the most logical renewable solution for most homeowners in the UK.

How we help you find the right solution

From your initial enquiry, we will open a discussion with you to ascertain how much energy your home currently uses and available space for solar panels.  Our team of experts will then design and calculate a suitable renewable energy package that offers you the best financial return and maximises the solar generation potential of your home.

We will conduct thorough site surveys to establish the most appropriate fixing method, design of solar panel arrays, and electrical connection.

We’re accredited and follow the codes of the following industry leading organisations, including the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS), HIES Consumer Code, and the electrician’s regulator NICEIC.

We have extensive experience in securing the necessary permissions to connect solar arrays, including, grid connection approval and Building Regulation Notifications.  This means that you’re safe in the knowledge that your system is appropriately installed and certified. 

Increase the value of your property with solar panels

The UK Government conducted research in 2013 which revealed that the average UK property increased its value by 14% by having solar panels installed.  

EV Charging stations

Our care continues long after installation has been completed

We offer a wide range of monitoring options that can complement your solar PV installation, which allows you to see just how much energy your home is producing.  If you opt for additional levels of monitoring, our team will also remotely monitor your solar PV system long after it has been installed to ensure its continued performance and therefore, help to protect your investment.


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