HGD to Install Rooftop Solar PV System for Shortridge, Dumfries

Shortridge is proud to offer commercial linen hire and laundry services to the people of Northern England, seamlessly operating out of three locations – Dumfries, Workington and Darlington. Taking the environment into account, they make conscientious efforts to reduce their carbon footprint in any way they can, and look forward to savings from generating their own energy on site.

To make strides towards that goal, they are now taking an exciting step forward by installing a rooftop Solar PV system at their Dumfries operation. 

Key Facts 

Solar PV System Installation

The rooftop Solar PV system to be installed at Shortridge, Dumfries is set to make a noteworthy reduction in the companies need for power from the national grid. We will be commencing work for the project on the 13th March and will be commissioning towards the end of March. 

By utilising Trina Solar 420W modules, SolarEdge P850 optimisers consumption will be reduced by an average of 12% pa. And with the combination of these components feeding into a single SolarEdge SE90K inverter, Shortridge in Dumfries will have access to green energy and reduced costs. 

This solution will be capable of generating 110,840kWh to offset 43.4 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide annually – the equivalent of planting 1095 trees per year.


The laundry and linen hire services sector is renowned for being an energy intensive industry. Companies typically use a lot of energy to keep up with the demands of the sector, and this is certainly the case for our Dumfries site. 

Install Type

Solar PV – Fully optimised with SolarEdge DC/DC optimisers


We will be installing a 140.68 kW rooftop Solar PV system including: Trina Solar 420W modules and SolarEdge P850 optimisers, paired with a single SolarEdge SE90K inverter.