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We are thrilled to announce a new Solar PV installation starting in April for F.W Mansfield & Son. This is a continuation of F.W. Mansfield & Son’s journey towards energy self-sufficiency and is our next project after recently handing over a 298kW Solar PV system at their site in Canterbury.

F.W. Mansfield & Son offers an unparalleled service for fresh produce, providing premium quality fruit all year round with sustainably-minded harvesting and storage techniques! They use innovative strategies to not only continue the harvest season but also conserve our planet and its resources. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate them, as they certainly hold their own within the industry and have just won a Cold Chain Sustainability Award, the Small Cold Store of the Year 2023 (<25,000m3)!

Key Facts 

Since 2017 they have set up a solar energy system at Nickle Farm in different stages: 

  • 2017 – 49.68kWp DC – 3 x SMA 17kW inverters
  • 2017 – 49.68kWp DC – 3 x SMA 17kW inverters
  • 2019 – 1096.26kWp DC – 10 x ABB 100kW inverters
  • 2022 – ~350kW DC – 3 x Solis 100kW inverters
  • 2022 – ~250kW DC – 2 x Solis 100kW inverters
  • 2022 – ~200kW DC – 1 x Solis 100kW inverter and 1 x Solis 60kW inverter
  • 2022 – 298kW DC – 2 x Solis 100kW inverters

Our team is ready to take on the challenge of installing an incredible 241.92kW Solar PV system! 


The farming and food processing industry requires a significant amount of energy. With the sector’s reliance on a range of machines and automated systems to transport food from farms to tables, energy efficiency has become paramount for sustainability and reducing energy expenses.

Install Type

Solar PV Installation with 2 x Solis 100kW inverters


We’ll be installing a 241.92kW system featuring 576 Trina Solar TSM-DE09R.08 modules – powered by two Solis 100 kW inverters! 

The project, starting in April 2023 and due for completion by May of the same year, has great potential to make a massive environmental impact – providing 226.44kWh/PA energy that will offset 88,764 tons of carbon – equivalent to over two million trees! 

With this installation, F.W. Mansfield & Son continue to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, reducing energy expenses, and becoming more self-sufficient. Our team is excited to be a part of the project and looks forward to seeing the significant environmental impact it will make.

We applaud F.W. Mansfield & Son for their innovative strategies and their recent award for Cold Chain Sustainability as they lead the way in sustainable farming and food processing.