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Solar PV System for F.W. Mansfield & Son

Client: F.W. Mansfield & Son 

We recently handed over this 298kW Solar PV system, to our very valued client in the Food Production Industry – F.W. Mansfield & Son. The brand new building was expertly constructed by Wealden AM. 

This commercial 298kW Solar PV system was installed to provide maximum savings, self sufficiency and to help them reach their sustainability goals.

F.W. Mansfield & Son provides a complete service in fresh produce, specialising in growing premium quality fruit at scale and providing professional storage and packing services 365 days a year.  Mansfields use cutting edge strategies and technology that not only extend their harvest season, but also minimise their environmental impact.

Key Facts

This 298kW Solar PV system features 736 Solar modules and two powerful 110kW inverters. To top it off, the system includes K2 Systems GmbH Multirail fixings for secure mounting along with our bespoke export limitation panel – ensuring an upgraded energy experience!

This solution will be capable of generating 277,700kWh/PA to offset 108 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum – the equivalent of planting 3249 trees each year!


Farming and food processing can be quite heavy on energy consumption by harvesting, processing, and storing food. The sector relies heavily on machines and other automated systems to move food safely and quickly from farm to table. This makes energy efficiency essential in order to be more sustainable and to save on energy costs.

Solar PV System Install Type

298kW Solar PV system 


We outfitted our client with the latest and greatest in solar technology: impressive Trina Solar 405W modules, two powerful Solis 110kW inverters, K2 multi-rail fixings for stability, plus a custom export limitation panel to meet the UK Power Networks export limitation requirements!

If you are interested in learning more about commercial or domestic solar energy, please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with more information about this renewable energy source and answer any questions you may have.