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Solar PV System: A Game Changer for Texfelt’s Bradford Factory

Harvest Green Developments has just completed an incredible project that has brought  Texfelt’s Bradford Factory to the forefront of renewable energy. The Solar PV System Installation includes SolarEdge Technologies, Solar PV modules and more. It’s a game-changer for the company.

Texfelt, a manufacturer of SpringBond Eco-friendly Underlay, Upholstery and Mattress Fillings, has achieved a huge milestone by taking control of their energy consumption through this new system. Along with increased self-sufficiency and energy savings, the system has brilliantly complemented their modern recycling process within the facility.

Thanks to the successful and efficient installation, Texfelt is now able to benefit from clean and renewable energy, which has a positive impact on the environment while also dramatically reducing their energy bills.

Key Facts:

To date, the system has offset 104,678kg of carbon and this is the equivalent of planting 6333.89 trees (as of 22.05.23).

Sector: Textile manufacturing and recycling

Texfelt, a family-run business with a 160-year heritage in the textile industry, is committed to creating sustainable and eco-friendly comfort products by upcycling fibres derived from single-use plastics and textiles. As a group company of JR Group UK and James Robinson Fibres, they have the resources and expertise to lead the way towards a more sustainable future.

Install Type

528.60kW DC, 385.60kW AC Solar PV system


The technology used on this project includes: SolarEdge Technologies with a combination of Solar PV modules from Qcells UK, Ireland and Scandinavia & Trina Solar, all mounted using K2 Systems GmbH.

Client Feedback

Michael Walsh: ”Harvest Green Developments have completed two significant solar installations at our manufacturing site with a combined capacity in excess of 500kwp.  Their knowledge and expertise in this field, combined with specifying the highest quality componentry made the buying and specifying phase, installation and grid connection a seamless journey.  After two years of use, the installation is performing to the forecast predictions laid out in the original feasibility study.

I would have no hesitation in recommending HGD to anyone considering capital projects in this area.”