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Christeyns Clover Solar PV Installation

Client: Christeyns Clover 

In October last year we completed a large rooftop Solar PV system across Christeyns’  factory buildings as the second phase of solar installations for the company. The first phase was installed across the roofs of the office building.

We installed a Solar PV system for Clover Chemicals with one goal in mind: providing maximum savings, self sufficiency and helping them reach their sustainability goals. Our cutting-edge system maximises the generating potential of available roof space to ensure our client reaps all its benefits!

Christeyns has been at the forefront of global hygiene solutions since its inception in 1946. Drawing on their expertise and passion, this Ghent-born enterprise has grown into a market leader for dazzling detergent products, breakthrough innovation and sustainable practices designed to create strong partnerships worldwide.

Key Facts

Solar Photovoltaic Installation

This Solar PV system is projected to drastically reduce their yearly electricity usage by a noteworthy 25%. Top-class Trina Solar 420W modules have been paired with powerful SolarEdge P850 optimisers, powering two SE33.3K inverters, one SE90K inverter and one large capacity SE100K inverter.

This solution will be capable of generating 267,610kWh/annum to offset 104.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum – the equivalent of planting 3,130 trees each year!


Their Whaley Bridge site uses a substantial amount of energy, which is typical in their sector as the Professional Textile Care, Food processing & retail, Professional cleaning & Medical Care & Life sciences are all energy intensive industries. 

Install Type

341.89kW Solar PV System fully optimised with SolarEdge DC/DC optimisers.


Solar Photovoltaic Installation

For this project, we provided our client with Trina Solar modules coupled with the state-of-the art SolarEdge optimisers and inverters – an unbeatable combination of cutting edge technology to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

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