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We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Renewable Hub on a new and exciting project for AST Plastic Containers in June 2023! 

Our mission is simple: Implement an optimised solar PV installation

 across two of their sites to allow them to generate as much of their own electricity as possible, so that the company can offset its future consumption. 

Having been well known for plastic-containers and drums since 1977, this German-born enterprise has spread itself throughout western Europe – Gemmingen (southern Germany), United Kingdom, Belgium and Netherlands. 

Key Facts 

AST Plastic Containers have taken the initiative to offset their energy usage with an optimised solar PV installation! In June 2023 we will begin installing a 785.70 kW and 395kW Solar PV system across both of their sites in Wrexham, Wales. 

The commissioning date is August 2023. Once complete, this project is set to generate an estimated 962,820 kWh/PA (equivalent to 377 425 kg CO2 or 11 265 trees!).


The plastics manufacturing industry demands significant energy consumption due to the nature of its operations. The production of plastic items requires the use of heavy machinery, high-temperature ovens, and other energy-intensive tools.

Install Type

Optimised Solar PV systems

We will be partnering with  Renewable Hub to implement a solar PV installation across two AST Plastic Containers sites in Wrexham, Wales. Their aim is to generate as much of their own electricity as possible to offset their future consumption. The solar PV installation, which is set to begin in June 2023 and be commissioned in August highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly business practices.

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