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Chasing the Stigma is an award winning national mental health charity committed to removing the fear and unnecessary stigma around mental health issues and making sure that everyone can access the help they need, when they need it. Everybody in the world has mental health, yet the fear of being judged is preventing too many people from talking about it if ever their mental health struggles.

At Chasing the Stigma, we use first hand experiences to disarm and normalise the topic. Through sharing our stories and raising our voices, we aim to make a difference and change the way society approaches mental illness. In July 2017, Chasing the Stigma launched a revolutionary mental health signposting tool, the Hub of Hope.

Mount Kilimanjaro

The Lads will begin their climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro on August 22nd 2019, it will take them 6 days to reach the summit. The climb itself will be a physical and mental challenge, but by doing this our aim is to raise awareness of mental health and fundraise for Chasing the Stigma who are working with Everton FC at the lead charity partner, to raise 1 million pound to open up a mental health facility – named ‘The People’s Place. We believe the work Jake (Chasing the Stigma Founder)has done and continues to do, is groundbreaking and offers both individuals and employers the opportunity to be more equipped to support family members, friends and colleagues when they may be suffering from a mental illness. It costs £50 to put one person through the Ambassador of Hope training. Every pound we raise will go towards making the training FREE for future training events in 2019 and the launch of a National Ambassador of Hope Roadshow.