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Invoicing Validation

According to comprehensive independent research conducted across thousands of customer sites and covering the majority of energy suppliers, supplier invoices contain an average of 3% overcharges. This is money leaking from your business that you likely will not even know about.

If you’re not happy with the knowledge that your energy supplier is likely overcharging you (even against your agreed contract prices), then you need to ensure you have effective validation processes in place. Many businesses will simply have someone who gives the invoices a cursory glance before rubber-stamping for payment.  This approach could be costing your business significant sums of money year-on-year.

Why not outsource this process to an expert team that has the experience, software and contingency to manage this process efficiently and effectively?

We can import your consumption independently and invoices directly from your supplier(s), then complete up to 100 validation checks, resolve queries and send you a file detailing all approved invoices, queries and resolutions.

Our checks are comprehensive and include poor Power Factor, near to maximum agreed supply capacity (kVa), unexpected changes in consumption, calorific values, unit rates, standing charges, RO, Fit, DUoS, TNUoS, BSUoS and much more besides ensuring confidence that you’re only paying what you should be.

Regardless of your supplier(s), all of your invoices and consumption data will be stored in one secure place, conveniently accessed via a web browser.

Invoicing Validation

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