EV Charging


The future of driving

The UK government has announced that the ban on sales of conventionally powered vehicles has been brought forward to 2035. This follows on from an earlier policy announcement that the ban would be implemented in 2040. At Harvest, we believe that the mass adoption of electric vehicles will happen much sooner and we are ready and able to assist.

We are able to design and install a wide range of EV charging points to suit a wide variety of client requirements. We have already seen the shift away from the limited electric ranges of PHEV’s to the much longer electric ranges BEV’s. This can be seen in the latest figures from the SMMT demonstrating that drivers are prepared to move into pure electric vehicles now. This has been driven by the increased awareness of air quality concerns, the availability of more affordable BEV models in the market and a greater public understanding of the cost savings possible by switching to a BEV.

Now is the time to install EV charge points

Now is a very good time to be considering EV Charging Stations for your staff, visitors and customers. HGD can install a wide range of charge points simplifying the installation of EV charging points to allow for a seamless transition to EV!